How to Choose the Best Investment

Investing money is a great way to get your money working for you. By investing it you will hopefully find that it will increase in value more than inflation and so you will get more money back once you want to spend it. It is something that is done when you pay into a pension, buy shares or even buy a house. However, there is a risk with investing as the value of the investment can go down as well as up and therefore you do need to be careful about what investment you choose.

Financial Adviser

Many people decide to use a financial advisor to help them make this important decision. This is because the advisor has done research into all the types of investments and they will be able to explain to you all about them. They will also understand how much risk each one has associated with it and they will be able to help to match you to an investment which matches the amount of risk that you are willing to take. However, a financial advisor will charge for the service that they provide and so you will have to be prepared to pay that. It could be well worth it if they are able to advise you to take a product which makes significantly more money for you than what you will have chosen anyway.


It is wise to have a think yourself as well though. An investment is something that you buy, an item such as house, piece of art, share of a company or something like that. This means that you have to rely on that item increasing in value for your money to be worth more. So if you buy art, for example, from an up and coming artist and then they become very famous, it is really likely that your art will be worth a lot more money. However, things like art and antiques change in value depending on trends, it is not just age that adds value and in fact some old things are worth less than some new things as they are just not sought after. Therefore buying things is a big risk and unless you really know what you are doing, it is best to not rely on it as something that will make you money.

Buying a House

However, buying a house can be less of a risk. The home you live in, although it should increase in value is not really considered to be an investment because you need somewhere to live so if you sell it, you do not really profit as you have to use the money to buy somewhere else to live. However, when you die and someone inherits it, then it becomes an investment, assuming that they already have a home. Investment properties are bought as well as a family home and rented out. The rental income will pay to cover the expenses such as any mortgage, repairs, decoration, letting agents fees and things like this and the house should increase in value and this will be the main investment which can be sold when you need to release the equity. However, some houses do not increase in value, but this is usually only if a home falls into disrepair or an area becomes unpopular for some reason.


Shares are equally risky as you buy a part of a company and while it is successful the value should go up but things may happen and the company may have a fall in profits and the share value will go down. The value can also be affected by changes in that specific industry making it less popular or a general drop in the stock market. These fluctuations in value, which can happen with all investments can be smoothed out if you keep the investments for a long time. By having them for longer, it means that you are more likely to see an overall increase in value and therefore more likely to profit. Never be tempted to sell if the value drops to cut your losses as if you keep hold of the investment, it should increase in value again; in the long term. It is important to choose an investment that you are happy to keep hold of and are confident will increase in value.

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